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Physicians Trained In The "Injury Model" To:
  • Reverse And Prevent Low Settlement Valuations In Injury Claims
  • Provide Independent Medical Validations (IMV) to Overcome Inept Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Perform Impairment Ratings By Attending Physician - 1-3 Body Parts at Discharge
  • Prevent Claimant and Primary Care Provider Attacks
  • Utilize the proprietary Zeusclaim Injury Software to Counter Colossus
  • Collaborate with a 3rd party physician to share bright information to minimize insurance companies "Loss Probabilities."
Our physicians follow precedents and authorities set by judicial decisions and administrative legal findings & rulings to eliminate disputes, denials and undervaluations.

1191M Attorney Mail Campaign

We strongly advise all our members to mail the 1191M 8 page exam booklet with accompanying letter to each of the attorneys in your database.

We will then follow up with our phone room and call each attorney after mailing to ask if they have received the mailer, ask them to look for it, ask them if we can call back after they have received it and find out their opinion and ask for a meeting.

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